COVID19 & Lockdowns! How we got closer to you…

Year 2020 has been a watershed year — we saw the emergence of a global pandemic in modern history. However, what followed worsened the impact manifold — lockdowns all over the World. Cities that we thought would never stop, came to a grinding halt.

That experience taught us the importance of our role in our community. We, Bharatrath, began with a vision to empower all our microentrepreneurs in the country, who otherwise do not stand a chance in the retail market against the formidable brands. However, what this pandemic has taught us is that our products are not just important and better, they are essential to all of us as well.

A spike in orders were seen, fulfiling the same with existing team and resources was challenging. However, team Bharatrath is on a mission for societal change, so this operational challenge wasn’t going to deter us. We worked day & night to make sure that we are fully stocked up, never closed and delivered the orders on time at customer doorsteps.

There was a time in April & May 2020, that only Bharatrath was operational in some parts of Pune. It only reinforced our vision that local, decentralized supply chains are better & resilient to such external shocks. Most importantly, the all round appreciation we received from our customers made it all worth it for us. That was when we really got close to our customers.

While we were working on meeting customer demands, we couldn’t ignore the hardships faced by some of the most vulnerable people in our society — daily wage earners. We collected donations from our customers to distribute more than 10 tons of grains for their sustenance, until they could go back to their villages.

Just when we thought that we are heading back to normalcy, the second wave of COVID has stuck. This one seems to be far worse in terms for transmission. And here we are again. Team Bharatrath is fully committed to make sure that we are bringing you, our customers, daily essential needs right at your doorsteps. Our team is on ground, working with all the COVID safety norms, to make sure that we can fight, stop & win over this pandemic once and for all.

Stay Safe Stay Home Bharatrath Is Here For You!